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Stories Relating to the Origin, Myths and Clan Histories of the Hopi

Title Page
Chapter I. How The People Came Out Of The Underworld
Chapter II. Masauwu
Chapter III. How the Mocking Bird Gave the People Many Languages
Chapter IV. The Hopi Decide to Seek a New Home. How Certain Clans Received Their Names
Chapter V. How the Hopi Selected Shung-opovi For Their Home
Chapter VI. How the Crow Clan Arrived and Settled at Mishongnovi
Chapter VII. How a Family Quarrel Led to the Founding of Oraibi
Chapter VIII. How the Spaniards Came to Shung-opovi, How They Built a Mission, and How the Hopi Destroyed the Mission
Chapter IX. Return of the Spaniards to Hopi Country. Shipaulovi Founded as a Sanctuary
Chapter X. The Return of the Bahana, the White Man
Chapter XI. How The Hopi Marked the Boundary Line Between Their Country and That of the Navajo
Chapter XII. How Some Hopis Resisted Sending Their Children to School and the Trouble That Resulted
Chapter XIII. How Hotevilla And Bakabi Were Founded
Chapter XIV. Youkioma
How the Crow Clan Became Also the Kachina Clan
The Legend of Palotquopi
Yaponcha, the Wind God
The Kana-a Kachinas Of Sunset Crater
The Ladder Dance At Old Shung-opovi
The Ladder Dance At Pivahonkiapi
Dr. Fewkes and Masauwu


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