Dykeman Roebuck is involved in the final write-ups of the following Williams Trunk S archaeological excavations in Dinetah:


Archaeological site LA80819 was excavated by Cultural Resources Management Consultants, in October and November of 1996. This project was performed on behalf of Williams Field Services, Inc., in the on-going efforts to mitigate some of the adverse impacts of the Fruitland Coal Gas gathering system development associated with Williams' Trunk S pipeline construction.

Cultural Resources Management Consultants, Inc., ceased doing business before the report of the excavation could be produced. Through the intercession of the Bureau of Land Management and the cooperation of Williams Field services, this volume, reporting those excavations, has been produced by Kristin Langenfeld of Scalable Editing Services and Douglas D. Dykeman and Paul Roebuck, Ph.D., of Dykeman Roebuck Archaeology. 

Site LA80819 is located just south of Navajo Reservoir, on Frances Mesa, in San Juan County, New Mexico. The site is an Anasazi pithouse structure built in the early to middle A.D. 800s. This time period represents the transition from Rosa phase to Piedra phase. The site includes a midden and remnants of a surface room block. The pit structure was substantially remodeled in the mid A.D. 800s. Tree- ring dates associated with the structure before and at the time of the remodel provide evidence that occupation at the site was of longer duration than many researchers believe "normal" for Anasazi sites of this era. We argue here, from the evidence, that those theories need to be re-examined.

This report details the excavations and provides a discussion of research questions.


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