Survey Process Checklist

Intake   Pre-field   Survey   Post-field   Billing   Status Report   Review   Acceptance   Partial Payment   Total Payment


 Receive and log call from client

 Create new client in Admin database, Firms List screen, if necessary. (How to)

 Filemaker automatically assigns a firm# to new firms. Note firm# to construct project number later.

 Create new contacts in Admin:Contacts, get phone, fax and address and email. Make sure we know where to send reports. 

 Send EIN 20-4618850 and request State Farm (505 327 7771) send a copy of our Liability Insurance Certificate to client's fax.

 Get job specs: job description, sub contractors (names and #s), scheduling, map info, legal locations, GPS info if possible, ownership, lease number, access, staking, name and contacts for survey company. 

 Create new Project in Admin database. Start with the project list or project detail screen. Click on green plus sign to add a new project. Note, this project record is an administrative record. The project abstract for the NAIF form is different and needs to be created after you create the project in the Admin database. You create the NAIF form in the Project database.

 Project# is "DRA"+2-digit year+2-digit firm#+2-digit sequence# for projects from that firm. You have to figure our what the next sequence number should be and use that to create the project# manually.

 Create new Abstract record in Project database for the NAIF Form. It automatically fills in client / sponsor information from firms and contacts file.

 accounting/tax records are created in Invoice database when timeslips/expenses are added, invoices sent or checks received

 The job status is automatically updated as you add information - mostly from the Abstract/AIRS/IS&A input in the Project database.

 Copy the boilerplate folders in the projects folder. Create a new folder for the new client in the project folder. Create a new project folder inside the client folder. Paste the boilerplate folders in the new project folder to hold project information as it is created.



 Receive plat maps, scan and save copy to plat folder in project folder. Projects are filed by firm name and then by project name. So Dugan's Sponge Bob SWD#1 plat is filed in plats in Sponge Bob in dugan in projects.

 Put legal location into All Topos to get quad map

 transfer job location to map, create project map. Drop into template using adobe illustrator or fireworks or similar program

 Add mapping data to location screen in Project (abstract) database

 Create Vicinity map. Modify existing template

 Start Project map. Modify existing template

 Use SLO database to check for state ownership. You are looking for lease numbers and lease holders


 access permissions checked against ownership (if private do we need written permission to enter? will gates be unlocked, if tribe remember apply for both HPD and chapter permission, if state land inform SLO, if BLM plan BLM records check, if forest we must have written permission from forest before we can proceed with project - use the FS Notification screen in Project database to generate request.)

 NMCRIS records check (ARMS search). quad name search sometimes helps to narrow search.

 Extract data on vicinity sites

 Grab a screen shot of project area showing vicinity sites and projects.

 Fill out SLO notification using SLO notice input screen in Project database. Save as SLOnotice.pdf to SLOnotification folder in the project folder, include screen shot of ARMS search and map of project and map of vicinity. email to David Eck at

 fill out vicinity site information screen in Project database. This will generate a form to take to BLM, Forest, Tribe about sites in ARMS that we want to pull siteforms or reports for when we do the rest of the literature search.

 lit search initiated at BLM, Forest, Tribe

site no's, site forms, ownership info, report data, biblio data retrieved,

get info on national register sites, sacred places, TCPs, and Areas of Critical Environmental Concern.

transfer site locations and additional ownership info to project map

add vicinity site information to Project abstract database: vicinity site information screen

file copies of lit search results and maps

 lit search results (map copies, site forms) put in field packet as background info for field archaeologist

 GPS and other mapping info downloaded to GPS if available or calculated

 GPS/map info added to database

 Soil Info at

 add soil info to NAIF

 field packet forms printed and put into packet (project, site, expense, photo log, GPS log)

 admin time added to time log

 job assigned/chosen by field crew

 Assignment logged to status screen

Field survey

 field crew day clock time logged

 Survey Pack equipment check: first-aid kit, water, compass, field book, pencils, field packet, tape, flagging, tags, graph paper, clip board, straightedge, camera, batteries, film/card, GPS, phones, computers, transformers, chargers, trowels, Maps, phone#s

 vehicle check: first-aid kit, food, blanket, tarp, t-bar fence posts, fire extinguisher, toolkit, tow chain, rope,  water, gas, oil, coolant, tires, suspension, charger, DC transformer, USB cables, shovels, 

 start mileage logged

 field crew coordinates with subcontractors

 field crew finds jobsite

 field crew does survey

 project survey recorded: notes, photos, GPS, measurements, maps, logs, forms

 field crew records isolated occurrences: notes, photos, GPS, measurements, maps, logs, forms

 field crew records sites

 sites recorded: notes, photos, GPS, measurements, maps, logs, forms

 electronic data transfers where possible.

 field crew returns to office


 field notes completed

 field vehicle turnaround, (gas/fluids topped off, mileage checked, equipment stowed, vehicle cleaned ...)

 project status logged to status board

 end mileage logged added into database

 crew field time added to time log

 field crew expenses added to database

 field project data entered

 site data transferred to database

 agency guidance sought concerning proposed recommendations, changes added to draft

 project status logged to status board

 site data checked

 additional data added

 maps drawn

 topo prepared

 drafting time added to time log

 completed site forms printed

 final report and cover printed

 final report and cover checked and approved

 final report submitted

NM Distribution

BLM Distribution

NN Distribution

Carson FS Distribution

 project status logged to status board


 additional expenses added in database

 admin time added to time log

 timelogs checked

 invoice generated

 invoice checked and approved

 invoice submitted

 accounting/tax records updated

 project status logged to status board

Status Report

 status reports sent to Client and Agency, us mail and email

 project status logged to status board


 survey report reviewed by Agency

 corrections suggested by Agency

 project status logged to status board

 additional data researched and added

 additional research/admin time logged

 final report reprinted

 final report rechecked

 final report resubmitted

 new expenses recalculated

 admin time added to time log

 new invoice issued


 report accepted by Agency

 thank you letters and job feedback emails sent to Agency and Client

 project status logged to status board

Partial Payment

 check paying  partial invoice received

 Billing reviewed

 invoice marked partially paid

 invoice total reduced

 client dunning letters, emails produced

 accounting/tax records updated

 check deposited

Total Payment

 check paying total invoice received

 Billing reviewed

 invoice marked paid

 final thank you letters and job feedback emails sent to Client

 fees paid to Tribe, Forest, ARMS, others

 accounting/tax records updated

 job clock stopped

 Project Records updated