Survey Process Checklist

Intake   Pre-field   Survey   Post-field   Billing   Status Report   Review   Acceptance   Partial Payment   Total Payment

New Client

 Log into Admin database. On Draco, click on the Admin database link. Put in your userid (e.g. arch1 or manager) and password.

Open the Admin database (click on the link or the icon). FileMaker displays the Admin Welcome screen

 if the welcome screen is too small so see, click the larger "landscape" icon (third from the left) at the bottom left of the filemaker window


Click on the Companies tab (4th from the left near the top) to display screens related to client firms and contacts

 For new clients, create new client in the Admin database: Firms List screen.

If you click on the Firm List link, you will see a list of all the companies in the database:

 Filemaker automatically assigns a firm# to new firms. In the list above, Conoco Phillips is firm# 02. BHP is firm# 11. When you verify that the company you are adding is not on the list, 

Create a new firm by pressing the green plus sign in the middle near the top of the screen or select New Record from the record dropdown .  You can fill out the firm information from the list screen or switch to the Firm Detail screen by clicking on the icon to the left of firm name or by selecting the Firm Detail screen from the layout button on the upper left hand side of your screen

Note the firm#. It is used to construct the project number later.

Fill in as much new client information as you can. You can always go back and add or edit information later.

Note. This admin data relates to the job. The project database is used to create the project coversheets for the NAIF, AIRS and IS&A forms.