BLM Project Process Checklist


check when completed


records check with ARMS

records check with BLM

forest or tribe if appropriate

NMCRIS form (original to SHPD, copy to BLM, file)

LA Site form, w/topo, sketchmap, photo (original filed, 2 copies to BLM)

LA #s * & NMCRIS number



All blanks filled in

IF description or Table

All figures done


sketch maps

TCP discussion

References listed and cited

spell checked


pages numbered


BLM Farmington

1 copy cover letter

2 copies of report w/ nearby site map

2 copies each site form

1 original NMCRIS Project Abstract (NAIF) form


IO form ?

photo log ?



1 original of cover letter

1 original of invoice

1 copy of bowdlerized report with bowdlerized sketch maps and no nearby site map



1 copy cover letter

1 original of report w all labled figures

1 copy each IF form

1 original each site form with original site photos

1 copy NMCRIS form

Total number of copies

report 3

bowdlerized report 1

site forms 3

IO forms 2 ?

photo log 2?