Paul Roebuck, Ph.D.

Principal Archaeologist


Photograph of Paul Roebuck, Principal Archaeologist

Paul has worked as an archaeologist in the Four Corners region for over six years as principal investigator, project director, crew leader, field archaeologist and physical scientist. He has experience with both historic and prehistoric survey and excavation, write ups and National Register nominations. He has extensive experience with teaching and public outreach.

An early innovator in computer science and its application to Southwest Archaeology, Paul developed the first computerized inventory of archaeological sites for the state of Colorado in the mid 1970's. With the cooperation of the Colorado State Office of the BLM and the Colorado SHPOs offices, Paul designed the Colorado archaeological site form and persuaded the major research universities, the Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service and the Bureau of Reclamation to agree to use a single site form for the state of Colorado. He designed and coded the first archaeological data inventory for the Dolores Archaeological Project. He worked on the software team that designed the first commercial point-polygon GIS mapping system in the US and has applied GIS concepts and data visualization techniques to a number of academic, commercial and governmental problem domains over the years.

Paul discovered and excavated the only known female high status burial in the Mesa Verde region at the Dominguez ruin near Dolores Colorado while working for the Mesa Verde research center. 

Paul has worked as an archaeologist, educator, systems analyst, programmer, railroad weigh-master and yard clerk, neuro-surgical technician, short-order cook, printer's devil, library page, and construction worker. 

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PhD, Geography, University of Minnesota
    Dissertation: "The Geography of Nature"

MA, Anthropology, University of Colorado
   Thesis Project: "The Archaeology of the Gunnison Gorge"

BA, Philosophy, University of Colorado


Academic Emphasis:     

Anthropological Thought, History of Anthropology, Philosophical Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Philosophy of Science, History of Ideas, Hermeneutics, Pluralism, Cross-Cultural Concepts of Nature, History of Conservation, History of Western Civilization, US History, Human Geography, Physical Geography, World Regional Geography, 

Paul has taught classes since 1989 at colleges and research universities - both public and private. He has developed online classes since the earliest days of the Internet and always sought to apply innovative teaching and learning techniques to commercial and academic settings.

He has written documentation and developed training programs for numerous computer applications packages including international human resource assignment management, telecommunications trouble ticketing, customer resource management, order entry, and billing systems, geographic information systems and mapping, data acquisition and data visualization systems, litigation support, warehousing, grain position/commodities management, customized word processing, customized database management systems, archaeological inventory, and cultural resource management.

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Travels: Egypt, Turkey, China, Thailand, Poland, Spain, Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii, Continental US

He  likes to travel, read, watch movies, cook, golf, ski, garden, dance, and practice Aikido