cylindropuntia imbricata
cylindropuntia imbricata




We include here ethnological and botanical information on plants from several of the principal taxa found in the archaeological sites of Dinétah. 


This information is culled from several sources which include, importantly,  Katherine Rainey's and Karen Adams' (2004) online Compendium, Plant Use by Native Peoples of the American Southwest and Dan Moerman's (2003) online Native American Ethnobotany Database as well as Vernon Maye's and Barbara Bayless Lacy's (1989) Nanise': A Navajo Herbal, among others. 


Our focus here is on Navajo ethnobotany and Navajo plant use. However Pueblo, Apache, Ute and other references are also included incidentally as they represent uses by contemporary peoples adapting to the same or similar environments and help extend our understanding of the cultural landscape.



Yucca   Pigweed   Big Sagebrush  Goosefoot   Juniper   Lupine   Common Bean   Piñon Pine   Corn   Purslane   Tobacco