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Chenopodium album

Melganzenvoet bloeiwijze

Chenopodium album L.

lambsquarters  USDA NRCS

Goosefoot, Lambsquarters, Wild Spinach   

Navajo Name: Tł'oh łigsii, "grass white"

Family Taxon Genus
Chenopodiaceae Cronquist system (1981)

Amaranthaceae in the APG II system (2003)

Chenopodium sp. Chenopodium

Genus: Chenopodium Contains 50 Species and 78 accepted taxa overall


Description: Common lambsquarters is an erect, annual herb under 4 feet. Herbage is mealy but not hairy, stems may have lengthwise, red streaks. Small greenish flowers open from mid-May to mid-October

Distribution: From 8000 ft to lowest part of reservation ~3000 ft disturbed soil in depressions

Ceremonies: Mountain Chant, Nightway

Ritual Use:  



A major food plant. Seeds considered among the most important food plants when the Zuni reached this world (Castetter 1935:21)

Mayes and Lacy (1989:43) describe preparation: dried plants are threshed on a blanket to winnow the seeds, ground lightly to loosen the perianth, winnowed again, washed, dried and ground with corn. Meal had a bitter taste if used alone. Seeds stored for winter (Vestal:1952:25). 

Other Uses: