Dykeman Roebuck Archaeology

Mission Vision and Values


To provide high quality archeology services to clients in a timely fashion. We will help our customers comply with all local, state, federal and tribal archaeological and cultural resource regulations and will strive to perform our archaeological research in a way which maximizes the discovery, preservation and understanding of cultural heritage.


We will be the perceived supplier of choice for the provision of archeology services  in northwestern New Mexico and on the Navajo Reservation.  Our services will be seen as high quality, cost effective and time efficient by our customers. We will use the findings of our research and the resources created by our company to contribute to our profession and to undertake internally funded research and writing in the field of archeology.

Combining written and oral history, ethnography, tree-ring dating and extensive archaeological fieldwork in Dine'tah, on the Navajo Reservation and in the region as a whole, our goal is to tell the story of the prehistoric and colonial peoples of the region with a particular emphasis on the origin of the Navajo people.


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Our relationship with our customers is our most valuable business asset. We treat them respectfully, honestly, ethically and cheerfully at all times. We strive to provide services and products which enhance their ability to meet their revenue, production and service objectives, and maintain strict adherence to legal requirements and guidelines

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We value our employees’ hard-work, integrity, achievement, creativity and initiative and reward their contributions to our success.

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Our company is made complete by the differences among our customers, families, employees, and owners. We are committed to providing an environment that accepts and respects different abilities, cultures, beliefs and backgrounds.

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We believe we have a responsibility to contribute to the work, living and professional communities to which we belong. We will support our communities by being active members of community activities and development efforts. We will support our profession by contributing to research, professional and educational activities in our field. We will support our employees by managing our business in a way which respects their needs and values their contributions.

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The owners of the business trust and respect each other’s knowledge, skill and ideas. When there is disagreement they draw on the strength of their relationships with each other to resolve them in a way that is amenable to all involved.







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